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All the olives we use come from our land located in north-east Portugal, in a Village called Mazouco. The land is exactly on the border to Spain, in the Douro International Nature Park which has stunning panoramic views over the Douro River. It is very far from any city, you can feel time flows differently there.

All the products we offer are organic. We wouldn’t dare to put any chemicals on our Mother Earth! It took few years to make the land “clean” after we bought it – it takes time for pesticides to go away.  Now we see great improvements on the ground, like mushrooms and variety of herbs growing under olive trees.  Also in the air, birds and bees working around helping restore the natural ecosystem. 


We work on enriching the variety of trees species in the land – that helps to maintain well balanced land. Between the olives also grows oranges, tangerines, peaches, figs, apples, walnuts... It looks more like a beautiful garden, then a farm.

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